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Development Challenge

3rd Banstead Scout Group are very lucky to have a purpose-built headquarters where our members can meet each week.  We’re also very lucky to have an outdoor area, where our members can take part in outdoor activities in a safe and secure environment.  When you enter Scout Ridge, you probably don’t appreciate just how big the site is.   At the back of Scout Ridge is an area highlighted in blue in the aerial photo above which is largely overgrown, and hasn’t been actively used in more than 20 years. This area was historically used for activities including fire lighting, and on occasion was used for weekend camps. This area makes up approximately 50% of the outdoor area that we have (excluding tarmacked areas). As part of our ongoing development of our facilities, we are launching a project to develop this area into something that we can use again during our weekly meetings and for weekend activities at Scout Ridge.

Member Development Challenge

Our members will ultimately be the ones who benefit from the development of this area, so we are really keen to make sure they are involved in coming up with ideas.  We have produced a map of the area, onto which we would like our members to draw on their own plan for how the area might get used.  We have also produced a blank sheet where they can write down their ideas, sketch out details, or glue on photos etc. Please return their designs to your child’s Scout Leader by the end of September, who will discuss the ideas with their Section.  There will be a small prize for the best design / ideas from each section (beaver / cub / scout).  We’ll be taking the best bits from all the responses and will incorporate this into a overall plan for the area.  Completing a design will count towards your child’s challenge badges.

Can you help?

As our plan for the site develops, we will be looking for help from members and the wider community.  Initially we will need help with:

  1. Fundraising – to complete the project we anticipate a need to raise somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000.  As the plan develops we’ll confirm what we require. Our Executive Fundraising Co-Ordinator Philip Sproston will be sending out further details.
  2. Clearing the site – we are planning a working day on Saturday 21October (10am – 4pm).  We need as many people as possible with brush cutters, hedge trimmers, loppers to clear the area.
  3. Tree surgeons – an existing cut down tree needs to be cut up, with further tree work required in the area.  We require the services of a tree surgeon for up to two days.
  4. Retaining Wall – we need to install 30 meters of retaining Gabion to prevent erosion of the bank (approx. 1.5m high).  We will be looking for people or groups of people to sponsor a meter of this structure.  Each meter will cost circa £100.
  5. Once we have installed the Gabion cages, we’ll need help to fill these with of facing stone and hardcore.  We need approximately 24 m3 of hardcore.
  6. Ground works – we need top soil and associated plant to level the area.
  7. Fencing – we need to install circa 60 meters of post and rail fencing.
  8. Activities – we need help to fundraise and install any new activities.
  9. Planting – we need a number of small trees and shrubs and the area will need to be grass seeded.


Further Details

As the project develops we’ll be sending out further information, including posts on our website, and through social media.  If you have any questions or are able to help, please contact Adam, who will be co-ordinating the work on behalf of the Group at development plan